Meth battles Math Hoffa

Math won, mostly on delivery, but Meth did better than I expected. I need somebody to explain that Bap gun bar Math had tho.

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New Rza featuring Ghostface Killah off the Cutthroat City soundtrack

This is the first cut off of the soundtrack for “Cut Throat City,” the new film directed by Rza that drops tomorrow (allegedly in theaters, so check your local listings if pandemic hasn’t shut your area theaters down). The movie is set in New Orleans, so hopefully some New Orleans rappers made the soundtrack. A Jay Elec song produced by Rza would be sick.

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RZA Creates New Ice Cream Jingle To Replace Old Racist One

RZA spoke to NPR about how he crafted a new jingle for Good Humor ice cream trucks that they will now be playing instead of the old one with a racist history dating back to the minstrel show era.

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Meth Massacres Cameo On New Conway Single

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Cartoon Mashup Video of Protect Ya Neck

If you grew up on cartoons like Inspector Gadget and Space Ghost, you’ll love this one. They take it all the way up to South Park too. Hilarity.

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Method Man on Working With 2Pac On “Got My Mind Made Up”

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Inspectah Deck version of 2Pac’s “Got My Mind Made Up”

One of the greatest robberies in the 90s was when fans heard Deck getting shouted out at the end of “Got My Mind Made Up” as the track faded down, with Deck’s verse going unheard on the best-selling street rap album of that decade. Anyway, you can click the link above to hear to the missing Deck verse (allegedly) which sounds poorly mixed but still has fire bars.

RIP Tupac Shakur

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Method Man Reveals Original Wu Lineup and Tells Early Wu Stories on Talib Kweli Podcast

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Method Man names Inspectah Deck in his Top 5 Emcees

Deck is definitely underrated and still dope to this day.

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Throwback: classic Ghostface interview with Nardwuar

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