Throwback: Raekwon and Ghostface trading bars on Rap City

Joe Clair should never have tried to rap in the middle of that LOL. Classic chemistry between Rae and Ghost here.

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Wu Hulu series fictionalizes key Wu historical events

It was supposed to be Rza who called Meth across the street from the 1-6 Oooo, right before gunfire broke out. The Wu Hulu series is great though. They change small details to keep even the diehard Wu fans guessing as far as what will happen next in the show.

The amazing thing about the show, however, is that even though most (if not all) the viewers know the Wu will make it, they keep the suspense going so well.

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YouTube Guy Tries To Remake Wu Tang Ain’t Nuthin to F Wit beat

It sounds nothing like the original, especially the drums, but the breakdown on which parts of the beat came from a cartoon theme song is worth checking out, in the first half of the video.

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Supreme (Ghostface’s son) interviewed about his rap career

New music on the way from him

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Protect Ya Neck recording scene from Wu Hulu show

Actors are doing a decent job of playing the Wu characters, but it was hard for them to get the performances of the verses down, except for the guys who played Rae and Ghost.

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Wu performing Triumph at 36 Chambers 25th Anniversary Show

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Ol Dirty Documentary

Chronicling his last days. He sounds unbelievably inebriated in the interview segments in the beginning. RIP

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Popa Wu documentary

The essence of Popa Wu lives forever. Rest in paradise.

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Q-Tip Talks Battling ODB and Rza

The days before everyone had a phone camera.

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First MTV interview for the Wu

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