This news is old to some people, but for those who didn’t know RIP to 12 O Clock and Murdock of the Brooklyn Zoo, cousins to ODB

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Rza Creates New Ice Cream Truck Jingle To Replace Racist One

Iconic move. The connection with the song “Ice Cream” makes it even more amazing for a mainstream company like Good Humor to chose Rza to compose this. Their sales increased by 25% after the jingle came out, per this promotional video above.

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Throwback Thursdays: Wu All Stars rocking for Soul in the Hole soundtrack

The glory days when almost every soundtrack had classics on it.

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4th Disciple speaks

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Killah Priest “95 Bodega” video

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Method Man and Questlove tell the history of hip-hop

Well, really, Questlove does and Meth plays the part of Grandmaster Flash. Ice Cube’s son plays Kool Herc. The youngest son from Blackish plays Grand Wizard Theodore. Pretty entertaining stuff.

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Mini Doc on Rza’s Business Acumen

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Throwback Thursdays: Shyheim “On and On”

Pretty sure he wasn’t even old enough to get a driver’s license when they did this record. Super advanced for his age.

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Killah Priest brings Nore and DJ EFN on his podcast to apologize

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Longtime Wu-Tang Affiliate Freed From Prison, Interviewed by Joe Budden

Freed after more than two decades and exonerated.

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