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RIP Gordon Lightfoot, Whose Song Sundown was Sampled for “Method Man”

Gordon Lightfoot, a Canadian folk legend whose song “Sundown” was sampled for “Method Man” just passed away. Rest in peace and thank you for the music.

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YouTube Guy Tries To Remake Wu Tang Ain’t Nuthin to F Wit beat

It sounds nothing like the original, especially the drums, but the breakdown on which parts of the beat came from a cartoon theme song is worth checking out, in the first half of the video.

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More people need to sample @GhostfaceKillah for hooks

  We stomp rappers like Godzilla! MOP, Apathy and Celph bring flames too.

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Wendy Rene: Sample Source For Tearz from ETWT 36 Chambers (Link)

Great song that Rza chose to sample here, sung by the greatly overlooked Southern soul vocalist Wendy Rene, who was signed to Stax Records. Enjoy!

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