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  3. G P says:

    I enjoyed reading this exceptional chronicle of the lives and times of the Wu-Tang Clan by the author, Alan Page.  The author explains the influences behind their music –  pop culture, film, martial arts, their urban backgrounds, and different cultures around the world.  I love the author’s vivid writing style  (“bling-bling imagery of hip hop videos in the late nineties” ).  Remember those? He talks about the group members’ meager beginnings.  He explains the “Wu love” that inspired worldwide fans to tattoo the Wu symbol on their bodies or hold up the “W” finger-spread for hours during concerts.  The author looks at the business side of the Clan, and how their efforts at an “egalitarian” division of proceeds led to lawsuits.  This is a true tribute to the Wu and to fans who love them all over the world.  Super  job, Alan Page!

    A Fan of the Author

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