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Killah Priest brings Nore and DJ EFN on his podcast to apologize

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Longtime Wu-Tang Affiliate Freed From Prison, Interviewed by Joe Budden

Freed after more than two decades and exonerated.

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Nore and DJ EFN apologize to the Wu-Affiliates

Nore apologizes to Killah Priest. Shyheim response edited in afterwards

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Killah Priest Podcast responds to Nore, EFN, and Mickey Disrespect

Audio problems in the first few minutes. Three hour podcast. Several Wu Affiliates chime in. Only the first section is on that topic, most of the show is featuring new music from upcoming artists, with Priest chiming in with feedback.

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Mickey Factz apologizes to Shyheim and KillArmy for dissing them

Completely senseless act of disrespect by Mickey. And Nore as well. Apparently EFN was the one who brought Shyheim’s name into the conversation. People have to learn to respect the Wu-Affiliates, they are all very talented and deserving of respect.

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Dave East discusses playing Method Man in Wu Hulu series

Whole interview is pretty entertaining, but fast forward to roughly the 52:30 mark to get to the Wu series part.

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Wu Tang: An American Saga Season 2 Trailer!

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US Senator Chuck Schumer Raps Onstage with Wu

Schumer once again rapped and the crowd…showed love — Scott Heins (@scottheins) August 17, 2021

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Yo MTV Maps takes you to Shaolin to see where Wu started

The island of Staten….

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Method Man slaughters live performance of “Method Man” with Colorado Symphony

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