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.@WuTangClan returns with a blazing comeback single off the @SiliconHBO soundtrack c/o @MassAppealRecs

Rejoice, for new Wu music is here!

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Marco Rubio Claims To Be A Wu Fan, But Can’t Name One Member?

When asked to name a favorite Wu member, Senator Marco Rubio (a self-professed Wu fan) demurred, mumbling “tha’ts early 90s stuff” – as if he hasn’t listened to Wu in so long, he can’t remember which member is his favorite? … Continue reading

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Man Accuses His Ex of Sleeping With The Whole Wu-Tang Clan (video)

Hilarious. I wonder how many times they had to film that for everyone to keep a straight face throughout. Wu breaks all cultural barriers. They made it onto “Divorce Court.” Wow.

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Wu-Tang Instrumentals Murdered By Waka Flocka Flame? Yup!

Waka Flocka Flame murdered a series of classic hip-hop instrumentals here, including two Wu classics. List of the original songs from which these beats derive: “Bonita Applebaum” – A Tribe Called Quest “Da Mystery of Chessboxin” – Wu-Tang Clan “It’s … Continue reading

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Wu-Tang Comment On Police Brutality In A Better Tomorrow Video

Eric Garner was killed by NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo in Staten Island, not far from Rza’s Stapleton stomping grounds, so it’s only right that the Wu comment on the wave of police brutality incidents that have so many people rightfully … Continue reading

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Wu-Tang Clan Tears Down The Stage Live on David Letterman

Kind of awesome to hear David Letterman repeatedly saying “Wu-Tang Clan.” Rza should totally sample that. “A Better Tomorrow” drops December 2nd.

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New Wu!!! “Necklace” the latest banger off of “A Better Tomorrow”

Cappadona, Raekwon, Ghostface and Gza blaze the Wu’s latest banger/tribute to neck jewelry, off the forthcoming “A Better Tomorrow.” The vocal sample interspersed throughout is golden, like Gza’s “god cipher love divine” line (do the math on that one).

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Candidate for Texas Governor Wendy Davis Rocks Wu T-Shirt

…And this is the last time we're expecting to see Wendy Davis until the polls close. — Emily Baucum (@EmilyBaucum) November 4, 2014 Wu-Tang really is forever. And omnipresent. If you would have told Rza 20 years ago that … Continue reading

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Peele of Comedy Duo Key & Peele Calls “Enter The Wu-Tang” His Favorite Rap Album

Peele of Comedy Central sketch comedy duo Key & Peele declared Enter The Wu-Tang (ETWT) to be his favorite rap album at the end of a brief interview with XXL. The man has good taste in hip-hop, although they have … Continue reading

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New Wu Album “A Better Tomorrow” Dropping December 2?

Looks like the Wu reunion album finally has a release date and a label home (Warner Bros). Between their recent Prince release “Art Official Age” and this forthcoming Wu release, looks like Warner is back in the business of promoting … Continue reading

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