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Ghostface Bigs Up The NY Mets

.@GhostfaceKillah of the @WuTangClan was reppin’ the orange & blue yesterday. #LGM pic.twitter.com/spAbP9mnGb — New York Mets (@Mets) July 10, 2022 Still NY to the core.

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Ghostface gives Kendrick his best cameo verse in years

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Ghostface and Masta Killa join Kool G Rap to feature on a RA the Rugged Man track

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Shyheim and Ghostface teaser video for Methadone Musik

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New Madison Ave Location for Ghostface Boutique Shop Blue and Cream

Check the flyness…

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Ghostface and Raekwon four hour Drink Champs interview

Not really the best questions in the first hour, but a good chance to see Ghost and Rae talk for four hours. Last 30 minutes is mostly Nore talking. Would rather they interview themselves personally.

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Throwback Thursday: Meth Destroys a Radio Cipher with his Wu Family

Meth was my favorite rapper in 1993 and this clip shows why. Ghost and Gza were decent, but Meth was out of this world.

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Rza and Ghost Discuss the Making of Tearz

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Throwback: Raekwon and Ghostface trading bars on Rap City

Joe Clair should never have tried to rap in the middle of that LOL. Classic chemistry between Rae and Ghost here.

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Supreme (Ghostface’s son) interviewed about his rap career

New music on the way from him

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