Subsequent to the publication of the book, several hip-hop scholars (including Washington DC’s DJ RBI and Mista Monotone of Michigan/Okayplayer) have caught some errors that slipped through the cracks. I have caught a few errors myself. I will keep a running list of the errors that have been caught here and post corrections. Feel free to drop me a comment below if you see any errors. My deepest apologies for any errors that may appear in the book. I worked hard on it, but I made a few mistakes along the way.

Page 8: Jason Staton was on the radio at Michigan State University, not the University of Michigan (thanks to Mista Monotone for catching this).

Page 53: The drum sample for “Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthin’ Ta F’ Wit” is “Hihache,” not “Impeach The President”. See’t-Nuthing-Ta-Fuck-Wit-Lafayette-Afro-Rock-Band-Hihache/ (thanks to DJ RBI for catching this).

Page 111: Easy Mo’ Bee was never a member of Stetsasonic. This case illustrates the danger of an author relying on his memory instead of on sources; I inexplicably mixed up Easy Mo’ Bee and Daddy O (both producers from Brooklyn and from the same era, but otherwise completely different). Salute to DJ RBI for catching this error. See

Page 132: “Only Built For Cuban Linx” debuted at #4, not #10 (that was its chart ranking in its *second* week). My apologies to Raekwon for citing the incorrect chart week (August 26, 1995) when discussing his debut ranking for OB4CL in Billboard (the correct issue date for his debut charting week was August 19, 1995). See Billboard, p. 94 (August 19, 1995).

Endnote #141: Oliver Wang did not write the post cited here, even though it appeared on his site Contributing writer Junichi Semtisu wrote the post in question, about sampling. Oliver Wang caught this error in the book. Apologies to Bro. Oliver and Bro. Junichi! See

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