Too bad @Marvel didn’t use the @GhostfaceKillah scene in Iron Man


I guess the initial scene with Tony and the reporter was seen as enough to establish Tony’s playboy persona and adding this scene might have been unnecessary. Still would have been nice to see Ghost get a speaking role in “Iron Man” after he did so much to re-popularize the name Tony Stark by choosing it as his alter ego and sampling from the Iron Man cartoon (not to mention naming his debut album Ironman).

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.@TeyanaTaylor @MethodMan and @GhostfaceKillah drop a visual for their Gonna Love Me rmx

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.@WuTangClan rock @JimmyKimmel with “Protect Ya Neck”


I expected Meth to have the most energy, but U-God came way more charged than I expected. ODB’s son was a live wire too…love that kid to death. LOL @ Ghostface rapping in a newsstand. Rza was hype as usual. Your favorite new rapper won’t sound this fresh 25 years from now…

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.@GhostfaceKillah teams up with Czarface (@InspectahDeckWu @DJ_7L and @MCEsoteric) for a collaboration album


Ghostface teams up with his Wu brother Inspectah Deck’s group Czarface for a collaboration album that sure to set off an underground firestorm. That artwork is beyond classic! Check out the single “Iron Claw” or miss out on some fiery rhymes and banging 7L production!

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.@GhostfaceKillah releases his first single, featuring @Raekwon @MastaKilla and @Cappadonna for his Bronze Tapes remix project

If you look closely at the artwork, it looks like the iconic Snow Beach pullover that Raekwon rocked in the “Can It Be All So Simple” video had some influence here (although the color pattern is different).

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.@GhostfaceKillah announces two remix albums for The Lost Tapes project featuring @BigDaddyKane @CrookedIntriago and more

If you haven’t copped The Lost Tapes yet, you can listen to snippets above and then pick up a copy here. It’s a very strong project throughout (Rappaport is a bit annoying in the interludes, but that’s what the skip button is for).

No word on how Nas feels about Ghost borrowing his album title, but they’re contemporaries, so he’d probably be cool with it. Ironically, the album is produced by Big Ghost, an Internet personality who stole (“borrowed”) Ghost’s nickname for his own handle, so maybe the album title was his idea. To Big Ghost’s credit though, the beats are on fire throughout.  Ghostface apparently wanted to hear a new version of the record though, as he plans to release not one, but two (!!), remix versions of the album on November 30. The Bronze Tapes will be produced by Bronze Nazareth and another will be produced by NYC vet Agallah.



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.@TheRealGZA gives opinions on politics, @Bjork, bees, and more with Over/Under

He apparently does not know what the movie “Crazy Rich Asians” is.

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RIP @TheRealStanLee the Creative Force Behind Marvel Comics and an Inspiration to @WutangClan and millions of others


Rest In Peace to Stan Lee, who passed away at 95, a man whose creativity as a writer for Marvel Comics inspired millions.  Inspectah Deck included a Spider-Man reference on the breakout Wu-Tang single “Protect Ya Neck” (Deck’s debut verse!). Method Man chose his name to be similar to the heroes made iconic by creators like Lee (as well as DC Comics heroes like Superman and Batman, of course). Eventually, Wu-Tang would branch into comic books themselves, inspired by the work of Stan and other comic book legends.

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.@InspectahDeckWu teams up with newer Staten Island rapper @CheddaBang to make a banger

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Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of @WuTangClan by watching a new documentary on the crew

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