.@WuTangClan returns with a blazing comeback single off the @SiliconHBO soundtrack c/o @MassAppealRecs

Rejoice, for new Wu music is here!

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.@Rza explains how he recorded drum sounds in an elevator shaft for that gritty realness

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.@MethodMan @DaveEast and @HanzOnMusic Blaze a New Joint With a Max B Hook

Nice summer joint, even though Meth and Dave are rocking the extra gear like it’s fall. Ha.

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.@Raekwon talks about @GhostfaceKillah executive producing the next @WuTangClan project

In addition to the great news that there is a new Wu project in the works, the news that Ghost is quarterbacking the whole situation is icing on the cake. For those who don’t know, Ghost is one of the best beat pickers in the crew. In this interview, Raekwon also touches on what we mentioned here in a prior post: the number of children named after Raekwon, including the apparent revelation that multiple college basketball players are named Raekwon (here’s one). In addition to the recently drafted Raekwon McMillan, there’s also a college football player named Raekwon on the come-up.

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.@Rza and @BanksPaulBanks Go Back and Forth

Rza and his newfound collaborative partner Paul Banks go back and forth on life and music, including some Rza anecdotes about Nas and Busta Rhymes.



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Almost 1,500 Children Were Named @Raekwon Between 1995-1999 including Miami Dolphins rookie @Kwon_daTRUTH

ESPN ran a fascinating story on freshly drafted Miami Dolphins rookie Raekwon McMillan, who was named after Wu-Tang general Raekwon. The story also touches on the fact that almost 1500 children were named Raekwon in the United States between 1995 and 1999, the peak of Wu’s musical influence. Here at WuTangBook, we hope the younger Raekwon goes on to massive success in the NFL and lives up to his legendary namesake!

RIP Ol’ Dirty, Wu-Tang really is for the children!

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.@Rza shows off live production skills in Brooklyn @AppleStore

Some lucky Brooklynites got an opportunity to watch Rza show off his production skills live in an Apple Store in New York City.

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New @Rza and @BanksPaulBanks (@BanksandSteelz) “Who Needs The World?

Rza continues spreading his musical wings with new music from his joint project with Paul Banks of Interpol, Banks & Steelz.

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.@Nardwuar interviewed @SethRogen about his love for @WuTangClan and more

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Raekwon Gets Interviewed In A Comic Book Store

I self-published a comic book (The Liberators), so I think it’s pretty cool that the interview above (courtesy of Nas-owned outlet Mass Appeal) was shot in a comic book store.

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