.@WuTangClan documentary “Of Mics and Men” debuts on Showtime May 10, 9pm

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.@WuTangClan Rock “Triumph” Live on @FallonTonight

ODB’s son, Young Dirty Bastard, performs his dad’s intro.

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Watch the Trailer for the Wu Tang Documentary “Of Mics And Men” Here

Not to be confused with the 1992 film/literary adaptation “Of Mice and Men” LMAO

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Throwback Thursday Joint: Back When Meth Murdered A Boyz II Men Remix

Bet you never thought you’d hear Meth, Treach, Busta Rhymes and Craig Mack (RIP) on one song…and who would think that Boyz II Men were responsible for putting it all together. This was back when R&B remixes were amazing. Also, on a historical note, Busta used to always close out remixes during this era and usually stole the show, so the fact that Meth closed it out just demonstrates the killer zone he was in back then.

side note: LOL @ Puffy being in the video when he had nothing to do with producing this remix.

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Meth Lab II lead single “Lithium” hits the streets


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Ghostface and Gza get interviewed by Charlemagne the God and show off the Wu Clarks


Obviously this  live feed happened a while back because the 25th anniversary of 36 Chambers was last November 9th, an iconic release date discussed on the very first page of my Wu-Tang book. Cool interview though.

Bonus: Below you can hear audio of the “Method Man” Southern Fried remix that Ghost mentions in the interview above. It’s kinda funky, so it’s sad to hear Meth didn’t like it.

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Too bad @Marvel didn’t use the @GhostfaceKillah scene in Iron Man


I guess the initial scene with Tony and the reporter was seen as enough to establish Tony’s playboy persona and adding this scene might have been unnecessary. Still would have been nice to see Ghost get a speaking role in “Iron Man” after he did so much to re-popularize the name Tony Stark by choosing it as his alter ego and sampling from the Iron Man cartoon (not to mention naming his debut album Ironman).

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.@TeyanaTaylor @MethodMan and @GhostfaceKillah drop a visual for their Gonna Love Me rmx

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.@WuTangClan rock @JimmyKimmel with “Protect Ya Neck”


I expected Meth to have the most energy, but U-God came way more charged than I expected. ODB’s son was a live wire too…love that kid to death. LOL @ Ghostface rapping in a newsstand. Rza was hype as usual. Your favorite new rapper won’t sound this fresh 25 years from now…

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.@GhostfaceKillah teams up with Czarface (@InspectahDeckWu @DJ_7L and @MCEsoteric) for a collaboration album


Ghostface teams up with his Wu brother Inspectah Deck’s group Czarface for a collaboration album that sure to set off an underground firestorm. That artwork is beyond classic! Check out the single “Iron Claw” or miss out on some fiery rhymes and banging 7L production!

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