New Ghostface Album “36 Seasons” Dropping December 9th! Stream Snippets Now!

It’s Ghostface season again!!!

On December 9th (a week after the next Wu album “A Better Tomorrow” will be released), Ghostface is dropping his 11th (!!) album, “36 Seasons,” on Tommy Boy, taking it back to the label where the Wu empire started. As I discussed in my book on Wu, Tommy Boy was where Rza released his debut single in 1991, “Ooo, I Love You Rakeem“, which featured a B-side remix of “Sexcapades” that was parenthetically subtitled “Wu-Tang Mix.” This was the first time the hip-hop masses would see the legendary Wu-Tang name on a piece of vinyl. Two years later, when their debut album “Enter The Wu-Tang” dropped, it would spark a 20 year reign as one of the undisputed premiere groups in hip-hop culture.

From the sound of the snippet above, that two decade reign is nowhere close to ending! Merry Wu-mas!

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