Rza Releases Vegan Puffer Jacket So You Don’t Have To Kill Animals To Stay Warm

For a long time now, Rza has been committed to the vegan lifestyle, which involves not killing animals for your food, clothes, or lifestyle. he speaks more about it in the video above. As part of that commitment, Rza just launched a new vegan puffer jacket, so you can keep warm this winter without killing an animal to do it. Instead of animal by-products like leather, the coat is made of recycled plastic bottles, which deals with another environmental problem, how to re-use waste we’ve already created (such as plastic). Most importantly for the b-boy aesthetic, the coat also looks fly as well! You have to act fast though, because only 100 of these limited edition jackets are made available for purchase at this site. 15% of the proceeds will be donated to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

(Rza also keeps the kung-fu tradition alive by naming the coat The Flying Guillotine)

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