.@Rza and @Raekwon Face Unsubstantiated Murder-for-Hire Allegations

RZA poster

(Photo by David Shankbone)

Basically, a crafty defense lawyer has dredged up an unsubstantiated account in an old FBI file that Rza and Raekwon ordered the murder of the victim his clients are accused of hiring someone to murder, before they could (i.e. the novel “My clients didn’t do it, those rappers did” defense, to raise reasonable doubt). I don’t think the feds have ever failed to pursue a criminal prosecution against a hip-hop artist where they had a shred of evidence, so I give little credence to the claim of this informant (the actual shooter) that Rza and Raekwon were involved in the murder of this man (“Boo Boo”).

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