Rza’s The Man With Iron Fists 2 Blu Ray/DVD On Sale April 14th!!

Surely by now you’ve seen Rza’s classic directorial debut “The Man With The Iron Fists” (the unrated extended version of which is available in a Blu Ray + DVD combo for $9.99).

Well, if you loved that (and you should, if you have good taste in kung fu flicks), you should cop the sequel, “The Man With Iron Fists 2” when it drops next Tuesday, April 14th.

The sequel, as near as I can tell, was not released theatrically, so we’re going to have to give Rza the benefit of the doubt and cop this one sight unseen. Rza didn’t direct this one, but he did co-write it. Action fans will also note that the Blu Ray and DVD are unrated (which means the action will likely be ultra-violent). If you buy it, come back here and leave your thoughts.

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