Raekwon Reveals His Top Five Rappers Ever & His Current #1 Rapper

In the interview above, Raekwon reveals his top five rappers of all time. Anyone familiar with the Wu’s love for late 80s hip-hop will be able to guess most of his picks, but you might not be able to guess who Raekwon thinks is the number one rapper out now. The interviewer explicitly asked Rae not to include Wu members as an answer to either question, so don’t get mad, Wu fans. In any case, enjoy the video!

Spoiler/correction on the Top Five list in the video above: The video (in its captions) describes Slick Rick as a Bronx rapper, even though he is more popularly associated with Brooklyn and lists Rakim and Chuck D as Queens rappers, even though both legendary emcees are more commonly associated with Long Island. 

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