Nardwuar versus Wu-Tang Clan

If you’ve never seen a Nardwuar interview, you have missed out on the most talented interviewer in music journalism. His research and preparation for interviews is legendary. Here, he interviews Rza, U-God, Ghostface, Raekwon and a mostly silent Cappadonna and Inspectah Deck. Rza answers most of the questions, particularly those that relate to all of the classic martial arts film posters that Nardwuar presents to the Clan as gifts, such as “Ten Fingers of Death“. Rza is also presented records from his days as Prince Rakeem, The Genius’ “Come Do Me” record (his debut on wax), as well as classics from The Force MDs, The UMCs, and The Fearless Four. After Nardwuar presents him with one particular indie 12 inch, Rza also reveals which hip-hop entrepreneur inspired him to put out Wu-Tang’s first record independently.

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