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Easy Mo Bee Breaks Down His Relationship With Gza and Rza Pre-36 Chambers

Thankfully, DJ Vlad allows Easy Mo Bee to speak at length rather than interrupting, as Mo Bee breaks down his relationship with Rza and Gza well before “Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)” was recorded (including an explanation regarding how “Shimmy … Continue reading

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Ghostface Responds To Action Bronson’s Shots In Classic Fashion

Ghost is the greatest. This is not technically an “interview” but since it’s Ghost responding to Action’s shots in a recent interview (see the post on it below), I’ll tag this that way anyway.

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Marco Rubio Claims To Be A Wu Fan, But Can’t Name One Member?

When asked to name a favorite Wu member, Senator Marco Rubio (a self-professed Wu fan) demurred, mumbling “tha’ts early 90s stuff” – as if he hasn’t listened to Wu in so long, he can’t remember which member is his favorite? … Continue reading

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Raekwon Builds On How Rza Lost 500 Beats In A Flood

Raekwon builds on how Rza lost 500 beats when his basement flooded and how it affected the Wu movement.

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Ghostface On His Quran-Inspired Unreleased Jay-Z Guest Verse

Both Rae and Ghost were supposed to be featured on Jay-Z track “Heaven” off of his last album (“Magna Carta, Holy Grail“) and Ghost explains in the video above why his verse did not appear.

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Raekwon Sits Down For Questions and Smoke In B-Real’s Smokebox

Raekwon continues his West Coast promotional campaign for Fly International Luxurious Art going by sitting down for a pharmaceutical-enhanced interview with B-Real of Cypress Hill.

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Raekwon Interviewed By Ice-T For His Final Level Podcast

Raekwon continues his promotional campaign for Fly International Luxurious Art with a stop at Ice-T’s Final Level podcast.

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Raekwon Breaks Down Which Modern Rap Crew Is Most Like Wu

Rae’s answer about which modern crew is closest to Wu starts around the 1:40 mark. You have to salute the Chef for being diplomatic about it, but there’s not gonna be another nine-man crew with six of its members going … Continue reading

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Raekwon Builds On His Upcoming FILA Release

Fly International Luxurious Art (FILA) is slated to drop this month. Rae doesn’t spill the beans on all the guests that will be featured, but he explains how the project has been delayed over two years and explains why above.

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Raekwon Gives Sway In the Morning A Classic Interview

Rae talks about the Wu’s first time in Cali and the early days of the crew with Sway (from the world famous “Wake Up Show”).

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